Upgrade: Rubber-tired Gantry Installed in Davao Port


sasa port rubber-tired gantries

Months ago a rubber-tired gantry was installed in International Port of Davao at Sasa. This is so cool since it will automate some of the back breaking and time consuming work in moving containers to the container yard. The port is also one of the busiest port in the Philippines and the leading hub for cargo transshipment in Mindanao. The Philippines is rank 3rd as banana exporters in the world and the International Port of Davao is the key transit point for its export.

Now, the next upgrade for Davao Port should be quayside cranes. What do you think?

“The RTGs are part of DIPSSCOR’s commitment to transform the Port of Davao into one of the leading ports not only of the Philippines but also of the whole of ASEAN. We recognize that the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has identified Davao as among the country’s 10 ports up for development and modernization, and these RTGs are just one of our contributions in realizing PPA’s vision,” says Jose Manuel de Jesus, DIPSSCOR general manager. link


One Response to “Upgrade: Rubber-tired Gantry Installed in Davao Port”

  1. nice blog!

    its a good thing that lots of Davaoenos are promoting Davao city to WWW


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