The Day of the Dolphins in Mati


Do you love dolphins? I kinda thus, but I only see them on television, internet, any media except live one. I think they are amazing aquatic mammals and they love humans (or do they? not sure). Anyway, dolphins are documented to be spotted in Dahican Beach Mati, Davao Oriental. I only knew about it just recently in ssc forum.

If you want to witness this wonderful creature which is known for its ability to jump out from the water and performs splashy acrobatic somersaults you only have to take a banca ride and go where the dolphins are. Sightings is quite easy, they love to play and swim along with the banca so you will end up seeing hundreds of them playing chase with you. Chasing dolphins can be a great outdoor activity while you visit Davao Oriental. If you want to know more about the dolphins in Dahican beach, just click on this news article: link#01 location site link#02.


3 Responses to “The Day of the Dolphins in Mati”

  1. 1 taga calinan

    dalha balay chok

  2. 2 Jovie

    dapat sila ma preserve, alagaan na dili ma abusohan. Kay maayo na na indicasion na ang atong lugar napili nila na ilang puyan kay malinawon, limpyo og abundante and atong kadagatan.

  3. 3 jc

    mao lang man gihapon…ang mga tao dli makialam kung unsai dapat ipreserve..basta makakwarta…impas! wlai ayo gihapon nisag unsaon pag-estorya…mao nai giinngon nga estoryaheeee……joke

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