New Sanitary Landfill Keeps Davao City Clean and Green


Hey guys! I was quite busy this past few days but somehow I have this funny urge to post a blog. Well, if you haven’t been to Davao City before, I can assure you that when you are in Davao, you will immediately notice how clean the streets are. Like this street for example:

See this? Its really clean no garbage littered on the street.

The local government unit have this cool project of waste management system that will make Davao City remarkably clean. This project also helped the city won numerous “Cleanest and Greenest City Awards” for highly urbanized city in the Philippines. Only a month ago, the city opened its P268 million sanitary landfill.

The P268-million ultra-modern Sanitary Landfill in Barangay New Carmen, Tugbok district

The new sanitary dumpsite is complete with leachate retention pond, monitoring wells, drainage system gas vents, said Ogie Ticos of IPM Construction and Development Corp. link#01

Davao City will always be far and away from filth and stench of rotting garbage. Good job for our LGU to initiate this project. This is important for sustaining the development of the city.


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