Skyscrapers to Dominate Davao’s Skyline in 2012 Beyond


Davao City's skyline will change dramtically in the coming years.

In the past couple of years Dabawenyos witnessed the sprout of condominium complexes. Mostly, lowrise buildings around 5, 6,7 floors etc. and instantly condo units sell like hotcakes. Today, condominium is one of the most lucrative real estate market in Davao. The reason most probably is that the people are having a change in mindset with regards to dwellings. People think living in condominium unit is more practical as the city is growing faster.

Anyway, this year we got two highrise condominium projects launched for Davao City.  They are FTC’s AEON Towers at 35 storeys and Ayala’s Abreeza Condo at 26 storeys. Both towers will breach the 20 storey mark as currently, the tallest building in Davao is the 18 storey Marco Polo hotel.

The 26 storey Abreeza Condo located at Ayala Center Davao.

The AEON Towers soon to dominate Davao's skyline at 35 storeys.


One Response to “Skyscrapers to Dominate Davao’s Skyline in 2012 Beyond”

  1. 1 Sonnylapesumilhig

    It is exciting to see the skyscrapers standing!

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