Davao City Construction Boom to Continue in 2012


Davao Region is one of the top 5 cities with the most number of new private building constructions. Click on the photo to see large version

SM Lanang, JTC Hotel, Kukun Hotel are just three of the many under construction buildings in Davao City. (pics from SSC Davao.)

Davao construction boom continues, Davao Region ranks 4th in the most number of new private building constructions in the country last 2011. Actually, in the SSC facebook page, there are rumors of many proposed building projects in Davao for 2012 and most of them are highrises. I’ll post some of these rumored projects next, promise đŸ™‚ .

At the regional level, the most number of construction projects were located in the following:

  • CALABARZON with 5,516, (21.8%)
  • Central Luzon with 2,972, (11.8%)
  • National Capital Region (NCR) with 2,923, (11.6%)
  • Davao Region with 2,699, (10.7%)
  • Central Visayas with 2,449, (9.7%).

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7 Responses to “Davao City Construction Boom to Continue in 2012”

  1. Go davao! Proud to be davaoeno!

  2. 2 edot

    was there a plan for a third sm malll or a marketmall, like a marketmall in dasmarinas..we farmers could deliver them in a bulk,,

  3. 3 jun

    i think there is already in bangkal a former makro which is the huge carpark now built a market type but in future before this year ends as rumor says it will became a mini mall…

  4. 4 dodong

    daghan ko nakit an na mga const. sa DIA kabantay mo mga bay?
    labi na sa JMC extention sa ilhang skul sa back part taas2 pud..mga 5storey yata

  5. ” hpefully nga kining mga devlopment sa syudad sa davao magpadayon kini para daghan ang maka trabaho.

  6. It is great to know Davao Region ranks fourth in the country for the most private building constructions in davao properties.

  7. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! shout for joY!

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