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SM Annex in Ecoland looks good to go for a grand opening hopefully this February. One Network Bank looks massive at 7-storey and Kukun Hotel is rising fast at the Abreeza Complex .I don’t really like the output of the USEP Gym but, I am excited for the USEP Gym nonetheless because the city is […]

Calling all job seekers out there, here are some job opportunities for you. Click on photos to enlarge. Eurotel Hotel Davao Branch Belo Medical Group Receptionist, Aesthetician, Nurse, Doorman/Utility, Cashier, Acctg. Specialist Read More AVIDA Davao Condominium Speaking of workforce, surprisingly Davao’s workforce is greater than the city’s population. This is a very interesting trivia. […]

Do a 25 billion peso coal power plant and a 4.6 billion peso steel plant say anything to you? These big investments are huge that I can’t even fathom how high Davao can go. The idea of Davao to supply power and steel to the rest of Mindanao screams economic growth for the city. Davao […]

I got this info while visiting AEON’s showroom in J.P Laurel Avenue. I was there to inquire so I can fetch more details about the project. The friendly agent treated me like someone who would buy a unit that she gave me a tour on their single studio unit model. The unit is pretty impressive […]

kung hei fat choi! Its a bit late for me to greet you with that. Hope the new year for our Chinese countrymen specially the forty thousand Dabawenyo Chinese will be fruitful. In Davao Chinatown, I think our present generation of our Chinese friends are happily embracing the modern way of living. They are now […]

Hi guys! For my readers and fellow Davao enthusiast, I will spill some of the top secret projects that’s been discussed lately this week at the SSC FB group. Hey, just take this revelation as a grain of salt ok. But then again its not gonna hurt you if you wished it will come true. […]

Davao construction boom continues, Davao Region ranks 4th in the most number of new private building constructions in the country last 2011. Actually, in the SSC facebook page, there are rumors of many proposed building projects in Davao for 2012 and most of them are highrises. I’ll post some of these rumored projects next, promise […]

This project should have been 20 storeys at 1.3 billion pesos but they downgraded it to 12 floors so that the rest of the funds will go to ADDU’s sports program. Not bad, sports development is important too if you ask me. I’m gonna be waiting for the new building design. The Ateneo de Davao […]

This guy is amazing. Aside from being an athlete he has a good heart and a filipino (he was born in the Philippines but he is really an American in ethnicity). Tim Tebow will build a hospital for children in Davao called Tebow Cure Hospital. NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow announces the first project of the […]

I hope this German investment will push through. The technology they apply for “waste to energy” is breathtaking. Last year, two Davao councilors went to Germany to personally witness the technology in action. Last December, the city council has approved the construction of the facility. Yet. the LGU won’t spend a single centavo for this […]